Sunday, September 17, 2006

So some idiot(s) on the hall above ours decided to sterilize a table by pouring alcohol on it and lighting it on fire. It turned out to be as stupid an idea as it sounds and set off the fire alarm and sprinkler system. So that side of their hall and our hall is now flooded. Lucky for me, my room is directly across and one floor down from the kitchen where it happened, so we got some water damage. A bunch of us are staying in the lounge now, and some people are sleeping in a graduate housing dorm right now. Our whole hall is closed, but hopefully they'll reopen the other side of the hall in the next couple hours.

Monday, August 07, 2006

So some of the kids in my youth group went to the Inner Harbor to see three of us off to college. On the way there, there were a bunch of people from Otakon, which was incredibly cool. Katherine, John, and I looked around the music section in Barnes & Noble. John got a CD, though I didn't see which, and I decided to get Save Ferris's It Means Everything, but I didn't have enough cash to get that and then get dinner later. So I'll get it sometime this week.

We went to the California Pizza Kitchen for dinner, and I got a Hawaiian pizza made with honey-wheat dough. It was amazing. We wandered around the stores for awhile and headed back.

I still have a lot to do to get ready to leave, but luckily a lot of stuff (that I'm not even taking to college, go figure) is packed and ready to be taken to my mom's new house. I think I'm a little over halfway through the physics lectures, so I need to watch those some more to prepare for the advanced standing exam, and I still have a decent amount of shopping to do, especially winter clothes. Most of you know already that I have no (or almost no) long sleeves or long pants; I don't think I even have a coat that'd get me through the winter.

Seventeen days left.

Monday, July 03, 2006

I called in to find out my AP scores:

  • Chemistry - 5
  • Microeconomics - 5
  • English Literature & Composition - 5
  • Spanish Language & Composition - 5
So, this'll add 27 general elective credits for a total of 72 credits entering. And if I can get a C on the advanced standing exam, that's another 12. Yay!

Saturday, July 01, 2006

I think I figured out something to occupy me for the rest of the summer. I'm going to reteach myself electricity and magnetism for the advanced standing exam August 28th. I taught myself it in a month and a half last time, so this'll be easy; I have more free time (if I don't find a job) and I have two weeks more time. Unfortunately, the physics textbook I have doesn't cover all the topics, but I have my Barron's book and the Internet.

Saturday, June 10, 2006

I got a car Thursday. It's a white Volvo. It's used. Very, very used. But it runs, and that's what's important.

Saturday, October 29, 2005

I feel like making a post of randomness, just whatever comes to mind that I haven't yet said.

I got an Audioscrobbler. For those who don't know, Audioscrobbler logs the songs you play on applications like Windows Media Player and makes a list of them. It also shows the artists and songs to which you most often listen.

I got my college essay back from Mr. McGraw, and I have mixed feelings. I really don't like it, but it somehow got a 98%. If anyone wants to see the horror that is my CommonApp college essay, I can send it.

Probably going to a movie tomorrow. Not sure when or what, though.

I think my church is doing its Children's Sabbath tomorrow, so I should probably go to the service in case I'm supposed to do something.

I'm really excited about Thursday, the Stop Sexual Harassment and Bullying Conference. That should be fun.

Badminton championships are Thursday and Saturday. Since there aren't many mixed doubles teams, I'm pretty sure that Kelley and I made at least to the Thursday championship.

Yesterday badminton had its end-of-season party. Twas much fun, but the team we played was very small, so Kelley and I didn't get to play.

Monday, October 24, 2005

I needed this four-day weekend. KK's party on Friday, fun. I stayed there the entire day. I dressed up as Caesar, but one of the pins came undone several times, so I just took off the costume. Saturday I went to the new grocery store that opened up just south of here; it was really cool. I saw Megan (CS/chemistry Megan, not emo Megan or badminton Megan) there, but the crowd was enormous, so I didn't bother waving or anything. I had to go to my cousin's birthday party yesterday, but I got to leave early to go to Kelley's Halloween party. I had to get chocolate, though, and it was all Megan's fault (badminton Megan). I had been talking to her on AIM, and she was eating chocolate, so I craved chocolate for the rest of the day. Ally was working at said grocery store when I was getting the chocolate, and Greg was right next to her, which amused me. We watched Sleepy Hollow, Scary Movie 3 (rather bad), and Psycho. Oh, and I dressed up as a table.